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by Antenora

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Kept in chains, locked away , tortured by my creators Break free and massacre those who keep me locked away in the dark Hate Rage Well inside of me Kept in chains, locked away , tortured by my creators Break free and massacre those who keep me locked away in the dark Now they chase me With pitch forks and fire For I am a freak And My death they desire (Solo Matt) As I look upon these faces with contempt and detest They have made me what I now manifest A body of hatred and apathy A blood hungry monger with no will to be Atop the clock tower as I accept my death The townspeople set fire to the floor on which i step (Solo Charles) (Solo Ian) My body Burns in agony As I meet my fate No longer A simple minded golem A human in its place
As I awoke, they opened my casket and read the accursed scroll A life giving scroll, The scroll of Thoth I awaken in murderous rage Buried alive, my death was slow I’m released of my torture Now I’m awake, and must find my princess Ankh-es-en-Anon Disguised as an Egyptian named Ardath Bey I have called upon two archeologists to find my beloved (Solo Ian) I come across a half Egyptian woman The reincarnation of my beloved princess So beautiful she is she shall be mine again I have to take her life I mummify her in Hopes to resurrect the spirit of my wife, as we reflect upon the past years of our lives She’ll be my wife again To reign over these heathens Her and I together Living, loving, breathing (Solo Matt) She now remembers her past life and prays to Isis to save her Isis burns the scroll of Thoth and turns Imhotep to ashes and frees her soul
A young man With a future so bright He did not listen To the warnings of the townspeople in fright (Solo Charles) He takes a midnight carriage To the Borgo Pass despite The warnings from the town to stay at the inn Little does he know of what will come of this night Unbeknownst to Renfield a Nosferatu welcomes him in A vampire, an undead, cursed to live eternally Hypnotized, Renfield is bitten by the neck Now to survive off of the blood of the living In a ship amidst a storm a raving lunatic is loose Renfield a slave to the count, he slays the Vesta’s crew As Dracula sleeps in a coffin of his home soil As the storm dragged on, the crew dwindles down to none When the ship harbors in England, there is not left but one A raving lunatic, out of his mind. Taken to a sanitarium to spend his time Of the others, a crew to the ship, there is not one sign He sucks the blood of spiders and insects in order to sustain his life Driven mad by the hunger that never seems to leave his sight. (Solo Ian)
Djinn 02:56
The hour of release approaches Freedom of the void The suffocation begins to relent Could this be true death Unleashed I spread my wings But the cursed chains remain A mortal stands before me With shards of my prison at her feet An unsightly wretch I see her demand in her eyes Unparalleled beauty as I shall grant in my own way In her petty agony she has unknowingly tasked me with the harvest of innumerable souls (Solo Charles) Genocidal images from inside my mind The conjuration of the evil that I hold inside Not a single mortal will survive The deeds you wish I’ll happily oblige I may grant beauty beyond compare if the basis for every comparison lies 6 feet underground The constant degradation of this futile human race has brought about their own destruction Now
The Bride 03:52
Psycho 03:51
Mother warned of such alluring temptresses, but I succumb and invite her in Invite her into my world of preserving death for a meal made just for two Forbidden from love She keeps me from the world “Die you wretched bitch!” My knife cuts deep into your skull blood runs down the drain As I watch her body fall (Solo Charles) (Solo Charles) It wasn’t me They’ve come to take me away For my mothers heinous crimes She and I are one She now lives inside my mind My mind
Awaken court servants A princeling comes forth From blackened womb Of King David’s whore O, succubus child Of gods chosen fool Claim Judah for Satan The future reigning king A tainted child of sin His black heart so devilish Now that he has come of age He keeps the kingdom under his feet He creates disease A plague wipes across the town People drop like flies Each day a new one dies Destruction at the hands Of a demon incarnate The women he deflorates The rape and pillage of this town So divine Slaughtered like swine Looting and fire spread wild The killing of the child His life they will defile “God we call upon you now, for we no longer know what is real. We ask you for the strength to defeat this horror so vivid. We just want out” At night they come To send away The twisted king They burn Him at the stake The demon fiend He fights back with strength He will not give away Opportunity To live on this plane Of existence As reigning king
Human Veal 04:30
Breeding human cattle Raising them in chains Kept from all mobility I breed them just to feast I grind their bones In to meal It seasons Tender meat Use their skulls As cereal bowls I even drink Their bloody piss I Eat Human Veal


released October 12, 2018

Ian Noerenberg - Guitars / Vocals
Charles Meyer - Guitars
Matthew Callis - Bass Guitar
Phil Callis - Drums

Recorded with Al Jacob at Warrior Sound
Mixed/Mastered by Jamie King


all rights reserved



Antenora North Carolina

Blackened Tech Death Metal from Raleigh, NC

Charles Meyer- Guitar
Ian Noerenberg- Guitar / Vox
Matthew Callis - Bass
Phil Callis- Drums

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